About the Shankeshwar Jinkushalsuri Dadawadi – Dharmshala

Shri Shankeshwar Jinkushalsuri Dadawadi Sansthan is one of the most ideally located Jain Dharmshala in the Patan district of Gujarat State, India. With the inspiration of Dada Gurudev foundation stone for this Dharmshala was laid in the year

Most of the Jain pilgrims prefer the purity and spiritual way of living and Jinkushal Dadawadi Dharmshala offers the same and pilgrims prefer staying at Dharmshala over other hotel or lodging accommodations.

Shri Shankeshwar Jinkushalsuri Dadawadi Sansthan offers best amenities and peaceful environment at nominal rate of Rs 800 per room per day. With our Dharmshala as your base, you can easily visit all the temples, places of worship and religious centres in Shankeshwar.

Dada Sri Jin Dutt Suri

Dada Sri Jin Dutt Suri was the very first teacher of Khartar Gach. He is a great spiritual force with mystical yogic powers and an inspiration to millions of Jains and non-Jains who worship him. According to ancient lore, Jindattsuri was bestowed the title of 'Yugpradhan' by the Goddess Devi Ambika through an ordinary layman. The Goddess wrote the yugpradhan's real name in the layman’s hand and said that whoever is able to read the letters, everyone will know him to be the Yugpradhan. When the layman showed his hand to Sri Jin Dutt Suri, the saint could easily read the letters that had his own name in it. Even the title of 'Dada' was given to Jin Dutt Suri by the Goddess and he became popular as Dada Gurudev.

Dadawadi Location :

Just 5 km away from ST bus stand 5KM away from railway stations at Viramgam 1 KM from the Main Tirth Mandir of "Tirthankar Parshvanath Bhagwan" Close to Ahmedabad Airport, travellers can book a taxi to reach Dadawadi.