Interesting  Sansthan History

The revered spiritual narrator and saint Guruvarya Shri Hemprabhaji first alighted in the holy grounds of Shankeshwar tirth in the year 1991. She observed the lack of facilities for the sadhus, sadviks and devotees of Dada Guruji to do regular meditation in peaceful environment or a place to stay in Shankeshwar tirth.

With utmost dedication and hard work, she soon assembled a group of Jain dignitaries and Sanyasis to set up a trust, which was initially known as Shri Shankeshwar Jinkushalsuri Khartargach Dadawadi Sansthan. As the time passed, more and more sadhus, sanyasis and devotees of Dada Guruji and Guruvaryaji flocked down to join the Sansthan to devote themselves to Jain religious prayers and meditation.

A Brief History of Shankeshwar Tirth Temple

Shankeshwar is considered as one of the holiest tirthas for the followers of Jainism. A glimpse back at the history takes you to the grand Mughal era wherein the Shankeshwar village was just a land given as grant by the Emperor Shah Jahan to a Nagarsheth of Ahmedabad known as Shantidas.

Till date many festivals, religious Jain cultural programmes and fairs are held in the temple grounds, specially during the Hindu months of Chaitra 'March, April' and Kartik 'October, November and Maghashirsha 'December, January'. Shankeshwar Temple is regarded as a very important religious place of worship for the Jain sect. This tirth place is also fondly referred as Shankhapur, according to ancient inscriptions.

Many prestigious names have involved themselves wholeheartedly during the construction of the beautiful Sansthan. Some of the names of the reputed and honourable dignitaries are as below.

Founder Trustee:

1. Shri Nemichandji Harsani,                                          12. Shri Pawan Kumar ji Parekh,

2. Shri Shermal ji Maloo,                                                13. Shri Mevaram ji Maloo,

3. Shri Sanghavi Vansraj Ji Bhansali,                            14. Shri Prakash Chand ji Kanungo,

4. Shri Krishna Ji Nahta,                                                  15. Shri Mafatlal ji,

5. Shri Sumer Malji Golecha,                                         16. Shri Kewalchand ji Salecha,

6. Shri Babulal ji Nahata,                                                17. Shri Paras Malji Pansari,

7. Shri Bhanwarlalji Gandhi,                                           18. Shri Ratanlal ji Halawala,

8. Shri Babulal ji Chhajed,                                               19. Shri Kiran Kumar ji Bengani,

9. Shri Pannalal ji Khazanchi,                                         20. Shri Sumermal Ji Bafna,

10. Shri shantilal ji Chhajed,                                            21. Shri Dhanpat Babu Khazanchi,

11. Shri Tejraj ji Golecha,                                                  22. Shri Fateh Chand ji Baradiya